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Packwhiz Makes it Easy When Packing for Your Trip

Build your packing list with this web-based packing list generator Packwhiz which allows you to create travel packing lists on the fly. More >>

Attention All Parents, You Play a Major Role in Your Child's Education
Is there really an achievement gap before children enter kindergarten? Absolutely. Is intelligence or hard work more important in student achievement? Intelligence is not quite as important as hard work and diligence. More >>

Apply Now. Parent Position. Updated Job Description.
  Just when you think you've gotten comfortable being a parent, something new comes up and you find yourself having to adapt to job roles from in-house psychologist to motivation one-on-one consulting. More >>

Where Can I Find The Best Parenting Advice? From Other Parents.

Minti, a new web site allows parents to share, rank and comment on parenting advice. Minti Membership is FREE.

"I am going crazy, lexi (my 20 month old) will not sleep!"
"5 yr old suddenly scared of the dark."
"...bought Aaliyah her first bicycle for her 3rd Birthday ...anyone has any tips or tricks on teaching her how to ride it?"

More >>

DIY. Babyproof Sharp Corners With Simple Tennis Ball Trick

If you're as tired as I am of the little ones running into table corners and damaging your precious child's skin you wish you had, here's a quick fix to that problem. Simply cut out a wedge into your favorite tennis ball and plug them into the those corners. More >>

Helping Your Child Deal With Negative Emotions

As a toddler, your child still has yet to learn anger management skills that even adults still suffer from today. By helping them learn how to control their temper, you'll thank yourself for years to come. But first, you'll need to be the role model. More >>

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